Completing yoga teacher training – one year on

This time last year we graduated as a class from our teacher training in Mysore, India

…and what a year it has been since then!

It has been wonderful to start teaching! It all started with a group of friends who would come over on a Saturday and we would chill out and practice yoga. From there I ended up covering a class at Glastonbury, and from there started teaching regularly on a Monday and Thursday. Mainly to friends and their friends. We have organised yoga brunches, had many lessons at home, and started to cover gym classes. It is a tough industry to crack into as there is such a saturation of yoga teachers in London, however there are ways to differentiate yourself.

When I started teaching I realised how much I love it. I have since signed up to a variety of other courses. The advice I would give to any teachers starting out would be – Just Start! It is an infinite journey, I have so much more to learn, and it is a path that I will continue to travel on for a long time. I will never be “done” with my teacher training, just as with any other career you have growth and continual development. It is also easy to fall into a trap of thinking ” I will start to teach after one more course…” and so on. But starting is the hardest part. At least see if you love it or not before committing a large part of life and energy to it. Many I am sure start to teach and also realise that they prefer to practice. There is a big difference between teaching and practicing.

So for any budding yoga teachers, or people who are about to complete teacher training – Good luck! Get out there and start teaching – it is very difficult to go wrong!