Confessions of a struggling vegan!

Ok! I caved. I had that snickers ice cream after work and my gosh I loved it! I inhaled it! Yum!

But I avoided the pizza I almost had on Monday. At lunch toady I paused at the Halloumi burger stand Mmmmmmm salty, chewy cheese DROOL. No! I walked on! I walked on, and found my VA “sponsor” (Vegans Anonymous) at the Boxpark Shoreditch : Thai & Lao (now part of Cook Daily). I had a bowl of goodness and gosh I feel amazing for it.

In the Bhagwad Gita (chapter 17 v 8-10) the yoga diet is introduced. “Foods that augment life, firmness of mind, strength, health, happiness and delight…” are considered Sattvic or wholesome. Although it is not explicit as to what the includes, my interpretation is to judge what I eats by observing how I feel after. After all it makes sense that what we put in our body can have a direct impact to our mood – “you are what you eat” is a phrase that can be traced back to 1800’s. Generally after eating vegan food I feel wonderful – light and energised rather than heavy and sluggish.

I am not quite convinced by all the “fake meat” out there, nor am I ready to trade out cheese for sheese (Vegan cheese). But I did recently try 3 delicious vegan cashew “cheese”cakes: raspberry, ginger and lime & lavender flavored. I also invested in a nut-milk bag and actually milked some walnuts the other day! It was super easy and I added cinnamon, vanilla & a drop of agave syrup to it. Next time I may try cardamon. I also recently discovered tiger nuts which can be easily milked and are a rich & natural source of magnesium due to them being grown so deep in the ground – a mineral difficult to find in foods naturally.

I haven’t seen Cowspiracy yet and my reasons for wanting to go Vegan are both to reduce harm to the environment and to avoid any unnecessary cruelty to animals. I believe that the earth gives us an abundance of what we need.

And how will I deal with future ice cream cravings?!!

I hope better in the future! When I went from pescetarian to vegetarian I took a non-violent approach by throwing the intention out there and asking the universe to help me. I allowed for the occasional lapse as it is really hard to force ourselves to change behavior immediately.

It seems like the world is trying to help me. I keep meeting more like-minded people. And there is always the Vegan ice cream parlor that has just opened in Soho which I will be trying out this weekend 😉