Glastonbury Festival 2016

This year we decided to hitchhike to Glastonbury Festival – the place where I taught my first yoga class in 2015. We started off celebrating the summer solstice and sleeping under the Strawberry Moon at Stonehenge and journeyed relying on our thumbs and the kindness of others to get to Worthy Farm. I returned both to enjoy the festival and to teach some more classes. The classes I teach there are inspired by a special energy. From the moment of arrival I really feel a sense of presence – there really is no other place that I need to be.

The festival is a puddle of laughs but also a spiritual place. I came away again thinking that the main stage and acts are the surface skin-deep level of the festival that is shown to the outside world. What is really intriguing are the layers beneath. Art installations representing the potential of recycling; political messages themed around “truth & lies”; post-its scattered around telling you to “Look Sexier” might start to scratch into the next layer…

The 2 special places that were explored this year were within a stone’s throw of each other: A Peace Dome and a secret underground piano bar. The Peace Dome where I went to meditate in the mornings has a Peace Flame which has been burning since 1945. The flame was started from the embers of Hiroshima and has been preserved and lit countless other flames since. Two ladies held the space with crystal sound bowls and laughter yoga as well as calmly evicting festival goers who would be better off sleeping in their own tents – as was advised to a trio of muddy and snoring pink panthers one morning(!)

I feel like we really dove into the depths of the magic that Glastonbury has to offer when we stumbled into the underground piano bar in the early hours of Saturday morning. It was bucketing it down with rain outside but once in there I felt like I had found warmth and “my people”. Off with the wellies and socks and into the madness, chaos & Irish dancing in the mud. The crew explained that they turn up every year and dig out the intimate and hidden venue but that is it. Then the creativity just flows: The music, ventriloquism, poetry and off-stage entertainment all arrive. Impeccable comedy timing and music that brought tingles to my skin were experienced each of the subsequent mornings that I spent there. Everybody brought something and the symbiosis and community spirit was alive. If the piano bar was a microcosm of the world – one where chaos ruled and produced the most wonderful moments – it made me wonder…” What would be the possibilities in a world where nobody was afraid of chaos…?”